February 2017

Synchronised swimming seems to make dolphins more optimistic.
Having a mate to swim with – and mirror their movements – appears to make zoo dolphins feel more positive about their prospects in life.

An article of Isabella L.K. Clegg, Heiko G. Rödel and Fabienne Delfour (published in Behavioural Brain Research 322, 115-122) has been highlighted in New Scientist.

 December 2016
    Patrizia d'Ettorre : Genomic and brain expansion provide ants with refined sense of smell. In : PNAS Commentary vol. 113, n° 49 December 2016  
 September 2016
    Patrizia d'Ettorre : Fourmi... Fourmi.. fourmidable ! In : Sciences Psy N°7 September 2016  
 June 2016
    Benjamin Lecorps, Heiko Rödel and Christophe Féron : Assessment of anxiety : a matter of temperature ? In : Atlas of Science  
 October 2015
    Une nouvelle espèce d'araignée a été découverte

David Sillam-Dussès (MCF HDR, chaire d’excellence, membre du LEEC), ayant découvert une nouvelle espèce d’araignée lors de l’une de ses missions en Guyane, voit son nom attribué à ce joli arachnide : dorénavant, il s’appellera donc Charinus sillami.

Deux scientifiques ont travaillé sur cette araignée, Florian Reveillion et Pierre-Olivier Maquart. Vous pouvez voir deux exemples de cet amblypyge sur la photo ci-contre, ou lire leur article pour en savoir plus sur animal.
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Une jolie démonstration du LEEC et de ses membres qui "tissent un peu plus leur toile" (scientifique) dans leur domaine.

 May 2015
    Patrizia d'Ettorre co-authored an article, which has been highlighted in Scienceshot


 April 2015
    Mouse mates with similar personalities start families faster
Anxious paired with anxious, nonchalant with nonchalant — it’s the match that matters

An article of Marylin Rangassamy and colleagues published in Animal Behaviour has been highlighted in ScienceNews.


 January 2015
    Pierre Jaisson has received an official token of gratitude by the government of Brazil to honour his successful activities as (now past) president of COFECUB.


 February 2014
    Serafino Teseo, Nicolas Châline, Pierre Jaisson & Daniel J.C. Kronauer

Epistasis between adults ans larvae underlies caste fate and fitness in a clonal ant.
Nature Communications 5, article number: 3363


 January 2014
    Patrizia d'Ettorre co-authored an article published in Science

Van Oystaeyen et al. (2014) Conserved class of queen pheromones stops social insect workers from reproducing. Science 343, 287-290.


 December 2013
    The work of Elise Nowbahari on rescue behaviour of ants has been highlighted in the NewScientist.

The gallant ant by Laura Spinney